No Nation Without Education

Address: Ahmad Shah Baba Mena
(Arzan Qeemat) Mamoriat Square, District 12th Kabul, Afghanistan
Tel: +93 777 786 313 - 078 59 59 436

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Welcome to Tameer Millat Website

Our Philosophy:
We offer a broad international education (Oxford Curriculum), in English, with MOE Afghanistan curriculum in Pashto & Dari designed for local students, that promotes excellence in all academic activities with International Standards. It is our mission to enhance the educational, social and physical development of our students encouraging them to think analytically and creatively in preparation for the next stage of their education. In addition to modern education standardization we focus on the religious education for our students.....Read More

Mission Statement:
We resolve to realize our vision through developing an infrastructure with a network of strategic alliances, to provide affordable, accessible and quality education, and operational expertise across Afghanistan.....Read More

Our Vision:
To provide a well-rounded English medium education in addition to MOE curriculum suited to our cultural, historical and religious framework. We hope to empower and equip the future generations to meet the challenges of today’s evolving and highly competitive world.
We offer quality teaching, training skills and quality management so that, on a holistic level, our contributions benefit the community, the country and the wider world....Read More

Tameer Millat Objectives

The main objective of the Tameer Millat Public School & College is to prepare students for Primary & Secondary In addition to this, we aim at providing quality education coupled with Islamic Ideology, traditions and culture to mould the young generation into true Muslims, patriotic citizens and effective leaders...Read More

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Our Moto

"DO THE RIGHT AND FEAR NO MAN"; an apt expression of qualities considered essential for a patriot, which the School aims at inculcating in its students through an elaborate & integrated program of numerous physical, mental, spiritual and academic pursuits.